Summer Days

A couple of months ago I came across an Instagram account that had the cutest vintage outfit photos- the girl wore a lot of shirtwaist dresses and 1950s skirts, blouses, and cardigans, and I loved the look of the shirtwaist dresses. 
I started searching Etsy for dresses like that in my price range and size, but just couldn't quite click purchase on the ones I found. The more I thought about it the more I realized while I loved the look of them, they weren't really "me" and wouldn't be something I would wear day to day. 

Not long after that a dress popped up in my Etsy updates feed that I really liked and loved the idea of: a vintage house dress- a more casual style, which usually has a tie waist or is worn with an open waist. I eventually bought that dress (and two more since!) with summer days in mind- something easy to slip on, cool to wear, and low-maintenance material. 

(This one has a draw string and zippered front, and the one below has a removable sash and zippered front.)

1970s house dress, vintage daisy dress, retro day dress, flower child dress
 Dress from this shop

mom summer outfit, catholic mom style, mom shorts outfit, circle bag for summer outfit
top: Everlane | shorts: Loft | bag: thrifted | sandals: J. Crew factory

Komar house dress, vintage house dress, vintage floral day dress, retro floral pattern, Catholic mom style, Catholic fashion
dress via Etsy | bag: thrifted vintage

Last week we had some surprisingly cool days but it looks like summer weather is now in full swing!


  1. LOVE those etsy dresses! Because of Overdressed, I'm so intrigued by vintage clothing fabric and construction. I'll have to do some browsing!


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