More Style Thoughts

As I've been slowly pulling out my warm weather clothes one thing I keep thinking is, "Where is the color?!". I don't know if this ever happens to you (or with styles, patterns, neutrals, etc.). I've accumulated a good amount of white, navy, and neutral tops over the years and now I'm itching for something bright next to my face!

I'm glad I've become increasingly particular about clothes / learned more (although ongoing!) about what I really do like, but that does make it trickier to find what I have in mind! In this case I've been looking for bright pink and orange tops. The funny thing is, the particular hues I have in mind are colors from things that I once owned- a bright pink top from H&M I had in college, and a vibrant orange sweater that used to fit me several years ago. While my style tastes have evolved, I guess certain things stay the same? Also, I have to mention that I follow CarrotTopPaperShop on Instagram and she's been doing a style challenge (saved in her highlights). So many of her outfits have fun, bright colors and I know that's been inspiring me too.:)

Anyway, here's what I wore for virtual Mass last week:

jumpsuit: Piper & Scoot | shoes: Sole Society

And one outfit from the week:

top: Everlane | shorts: cutoffs from vintage Gap jeans | sandals: Kork Ease | bag: thrifted vintage Coach

You can tell navy blue is not lacking in my wardrobe.;) Have a good week!


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